Thursday, November 28, 2019

Toxicity and its effects on developing children Essays - Amphetamine

Toxicity and its effects on developing children Toxicity and its effects on developing children For as long as there have been human beings, there probably have been other ones studying their behavior and attempting to understand. The field of early childhood development has been the subject of the working union between the biological, neurological, and psychological worlds. The Greeks knew that brain science, body science, and mind and spirit science all had equal value. What they were not aware of was the rate at which children, who are the study subjects, would learn, comprehend, and master concepts, ideas and emotion. Emotion and the ability to feel and express empathy is something that is solely attributed to human beings, and now research is confirming that a child brain is synoptically firing even before birth, and the research is also showing the darker side to the power of knowledge. Stress to an infant is violent, and it is what is called toxic stress. It has been documented by both research groups that children who have a support system in place when they arrive are more likely to be healthier. The arte more children today diagnosed with ADD and ADHD than ever in the recorded history of childrens studies. If you already are a parent, look around your childs world are there toxic stresses you can irradiate? If you are a teacher, firefighter, politician, or janitor, how can our everyday actions, thoughts, beliefs, and biases help or hinder the healthy growth of a child?

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